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sext: i’ll buy u NARS makeup

Panties immediately off

pretty much

Bigby Wolf adjusting his tie 


Marvel meets Myers-BriggsIntroversion iNtuition Feeling Perceiving

"Idealistic, dedicated, and curious. Fueled by intense feeling and deeply held ethics. Seeks an external life that is in keeping with internal values. Loyal to the people and causes important to them. Intensely focused on making the world a better place for people. Flexible and laid-back by nature but aggressively defensive if a person , value, or cause is threatened."  X ]

Eyes black, big paws and It’s poison and It’s blood 


"what are you thinking about?"

video game characters, how i feel about video games characters, all the video games i want, how i am going to afford all the video games i want, the new consoles i want, the video games i am yet to finish…

oh, nothing”

mum says i’m not to play with the other children, because they’re ‘being raised on a diet of dog-eat-dog’. i wanted to see these dog-eaters… so i waited until mum was gone… and went out to find one… and guess what? the dog eaters wear human skins… it makes them look just like us!

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